Hino going well in the snow

We were up the Crown Range and also Skippers Canyon recently for a car manufacturer’s 3 day shoot. Richard (Unit Manager) and Max (Unit Assist) were working along with the Hino and a Hilux. Here are a couple of shots of the Hino.

The Hino up skippers saddle at sunset

25 Mile reserve near Glenorchy

Just before the snowstorm hit
Up early getting ready for the film crew to arrive for breakfast. Generator going, espresso machine ready!

Queenstown Film Industry Community

It’s great to be part of such a close knit film community here in Queenstown. A recent downturn in film work in the region has lead to some members put the call out to see how we can encourage more productions to head south. Wayne Allen from Southern Safety recently sent out the following call to arms.

Hi Queenstown Film Crew,
Who has been twiddling their thumbs and eating toast & beans?   Who needs some work, or some more work?    
We would like your input and presence at a meeting this coming week – to plan, to work out what we can do, to promote or help promote our region, our crew, our gear, and our landscapes.
We need to discuss what we as film technicians and gear owners – as the local film industry – need and want.     
We need to work together to approach the changing film market and work out how we can bring more film work and long form series to us folk who live here in the South Island.

Date: Wednesday 15th MayTime: 6:30PM

Location: Production Office, Sherwood Queenstown  (upstairs above restaurant)
Agenda items to be discussed:- What does Film Otago Southland do for us?- What do we do for ourselves?- What is our profile like within NZ and internationally?- What are the things that we need to do to be more recognisable as Film Professionals?- Who do we need to work with and how?- Where to next?
Wayne Allen

Unfortunately we will be overseas at the time of the meeting and looking to contribute in other ways. However, it’s a positive reminder to stick together and for everyone to see what they can do in promoting our beautiful district as a place to film.

Glorious Glenorchy

A water shoot for a sailing company saw the use of the Nortyqt boat at the headwaters of Lake Wakatipu and the glorious Glenorchy scenery. The boat was useful in ferrying the talent out to the water, and also when the jetski got tangled up in a rope! The shots are amazing and will go up on the website once they go public!

Great Clients and Beautiful Scenery

The small unit truck and the MadeupQT trailer were out in force for a beer commercial featuring the famous Clydesdale horses and wide open Central Otago scenery.  The agency were so delighted they gave us this accolade

It was one of the greatest shoots I’ve been a part of  and a textbook example of professionalism and nice people.

– Dave Wood, Goodoil Sydney

“Thank you Queenstownonians.

It was my first shoot here and the rumours are true. You guys are amazing. Thank you all for your efforts, equipment and superb skills. Everything we needed or wanted was provided. And overdelivered on. It was one of the greatest shoots I’ve been a part of  and a textbook example of professionalism and nice people. Thanks for putting up with me. Special mention to toby for finding such gold, and John for building it. 

This place is remarkable. And I thank you. 

The Speights in my hand and the next 9 I plan on having are cheering you. “ Dave Wood of Goodoil films Sydney.

In the forest…

Shot in April 2014 in the remote beech forests of Glenorchy near
Queenstown, Nortyqt provided unit and lighting assist for this ad featuring
up to the minute high end kitchen cabinetry.photo

nortyQT is go!

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